Moses Brown School (MBS) provides access to a variety of hardware and software, as well as to the school’s campus network and the Internet. The Internet is largely ungoverned, and Moses Brown School requires each individual to rely upon his/her own strongest virtues of integrity and responsible decision-making when using these vast resources.  The school believes that the opportunities for worldwide interaction and international materials far outweigh the risks inherent in locating controversial and/or offensive materials that may not be consistent with the expectations of the school.

The effectiveness of campus services depends on users not altering configurations, appearances, or software setups on any computer or other technology. This is particularly critical in shared facilities.  Each individual is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the electronic mail system and for all mail and attachments sent or received under his/her own account.  Receiving or sending email with inappropriate content, pornography, and/or text-encoded files that could cause potential danger to school equipment or files is a violation of the EUP.

Agreement to this policy is a condition of employment at MBS. If an individual is unsure about what constitutes permissible behavior, the individual holds full responsibility for talking with a technology administrator. It should be understood that technology administrators reserve the right to access all files, Internet logs, and electronic mail.  Individuals using on or off-campus technology in a manner that causes harm to our community will be in violation of the EUP, and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.

Changes to the EUP may be made periodically. Any changes will be posted on the Tech Dept. Web Site:


Policies and procedures outlined in the employee handbook may supersede those outlined in this document.

Technology Rules for MB Faculty and Staff:

  • The use of campus technology must support the educational mission and rules of Moses Brown School.
  • Borrowing school equipment must support the educational mission. Arrangements must be made with approval of the Technology Department.
  • Employees using MBS technology equipment off-campus agree to keep such equipment secure. Loss or theft should be reported immediately to the Technology Department, Head of MBS Security, and the local Police Dept.
  • Willful destruction of hardware, software, or another person's data is considered "vandalism." Included in this definition is the willful importation or creation of computer viruses, spyware,etc.. [Please note that the school cannot be responsible for lost or damaged files. We urge individuals to back-up all personal files.]
  • Installing software on any computer, including laptops, is strictly prohibited without express permission of the Technology Department. Unauthorized installed software may be removed without notice.
  • Commercial use (e.g., buying and selling on EBay) of MB’s email system or Internet access is not permitted.
  • Assisting others in efforts to bypass network restrictions by sharing proprietary information, accounts, or passwords is unacceptable.
  • Use of the school network for on or off campus communication is a privilege, not a right, and privileges may be revoked under extreme circumstances. Employees are allowed to use their personal equipment on the Moses Brown network. However, it is expected that appropriate security software (i.e. antivirus software) is installed on the machine. The Technology Department reserves the right to inspect these devices to ensure they do not pose a risk to the campus network.
  • Technology administrators reserve the right to determine which Intranet and Internet functions are appropriate. 
  • While accessing the Moses Brown network and systems/data contained within from off-campus, users agree to make reasonable efforts to ensure that any information (including accounts & passwords) accessed remain private & secure.


Technology administrators recommend that these rules be posted near your office computer(s).