Tech Policies & Procedures

General email and electronic files
  • The email system, data servers, technology devices and campus networks are the property of the Moses Brown School (MBS). All data and files contained within these systems are the property of the Moses Brown School. Staff & Faculty are allowed to use these services for appropriate uses.
  • Academic & administrative data or third-party proprietary information shall not be altered or changed in any way except as authorized in the appropriate performance of assigned duties; shall not be divulged to anyone unless their relationship with the school as an employee, customer, vendor, or contracted temporary employee warrants disclosure and is authorized or required by law and school policy.
  • Unless publicly available, academic & administrative data shall only be accessed by employees who are specifically authorized to do so.

Electronic mail & Other Accounts

  • Per email policy, employees should only use their official MB email account for school business and with communicating with parents and students.
  • FRCP rules require that we store electronic communications for a certain period of time. Current policy is 400 days. Only messages sent to and from are properly archived. The Moses Brown School will cooperate as required by law with electronic-discovery requests that may be made in the course of litigation or other legal manner.
  • MB’s information and email systems shall not be used for personal economic benefit, political advocacy, or non-school related fundraising. 
  • It is not the intention of system administrators to inspect or disclose the contents of electronic mail or computer files sent by one user to another. However, electronic mail is not private. As with written communication, users should recognize there is no expectation of absolute privacy for electronic mail. 
  • Unless previously requested by a Division/Department, a cancelled account will not retain electronic mail beyond the current retention period. Google Apps accounts will not retain information once cancelled.
Internal Email Lists
  • MBFaculty&Staff
    • This mailing list is for official school-related news or business that is applicable to faculty and staff from all divisions and areas. Announcements about MBS events, school policies, and relevant, helpful, or urgent information for the school community goes here. If you send a message to MBFaculty&Staff, do not send it to the divisional or department lists at the same time.  Everyone who is a member of LS, MS, or US is also a member of MBStaff&Faculty.  Do not use this mailing list for personal business, to buy or to sell goods, advocacy, to advertise services, to announce lost or found items, to share news items (unless they involve MB students or employees), or to share personal information. 
  • Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, departmental
    • These lists are used at the discretion of each division/department, but generally are for division-specific information.  Again, this should be for school-specific information.  If you aren't on a list but feel you should be, please ask the division/department (the division/department is the only one who can grant you permission to be on their list). The respective Admin. Asst. is responsible for approving additions.
  • Classified
    • Seeking stuff?  Have stuff to offer?  It goes here.  This is where you can buy and sell items, advertise services, seek recommendations, etc. Please use appropriate discretion and tenets of community values when posting to this list
  • Nice to Know
    • Nice to Know is for off-topic information.  A Groupon for a local deal, news about a MB alum who made good, newspaper articles, all of that belongs here and not in MBFaculty&Staff. This is also the appropriate place to list charitable, political or similar events.
  • Lost & Found
    • Every employee & student is automatically a member of this list.  Messages in this mailing list are sent to everyone, are identified as such, are easy to filter, and ensure a wide audience while also preserving and protecting the important lists like Middle or Upper School Students, Faculty & Staff, and others.  This list is the only list that should be used for messages about items lost or found.


  • Email containing or system-determined to be containing sensitive information (i.e. credit card or social security) will be blocked by the system. This is for both email incoming to and outgoing from campus systems. As employees may have access to personal or school sensitive information the automatically forwarding of their email to a non-MBS account(s) is prohibited. Examples of these types of information are, but not limited to: Credit Card (PCI-DSS); Social Security; Medical (HIPAA).
  • An account shall be used only by the person to whom it is issued or in such a way as directed by your supervisor. You are responsible for the actions of anyone using your account. Individual password security is the responsibility of the user and they should take precautions against others obtaining unauthorized access to his/her personal account. If the user allows another individual access to their account, the user assumes full responsibility for the actions of this individual while logged into their account. Only a Department Head or AC member can request access for one employee to access another employee's email/files.
File Storage Policy
  • Network/Online File Storage provided by Moses Brown is to serve the educational, academic, and business activities of the school. No personal files should be stored in these locations. 
  • All school related files should be stored in a MBS provided network storage space: on-premise network storage, Google Drive, Office 365 One drive.
    • No school related files may be stored in an unapproved location (see previous) nor will the Tech Department provide support for these files.
  • Lost or damaged personal files will not be subject to recovery attempts by the Technology Department.
  • Data backups will be retained according adopted best practices by the Tech Dept. 
    • Individual departments are responsible for archiving electronic documents according to the school's retention policy.

New Employees

  • New employees who have returned a signed letter of agreement will be issued an Google Apps, Office 365 email account, etc. Until confirmation from the Business Office that the letter of agreement has been received, no new credentials will be released. Requests for accounts for new employees need to be made via Schooldude from the relevant Division/Department Head or Assistant. Do not assume the Technology Department is aware of new hires. 

Terminated Employees

  • Employees who have left Moses Brown voluntarily or involuntarily will have their accounts blocked from sending email externally immediately upon their separation from Moses Brown. Additionally, access to Google Apps & other service will be suspended. Departments/Divisions shall inform the Technology Department via Schooldude as soon as possible upon knowledge of an employee leaving Moses Brown. It is assumed that Staff agreements end on June 30th and Faculty agreement end on August 31st. Accounts Closure will take place upon the following schedule:
    • Immediately - Password Changed
    • 30 Days - Account Disabled
    • 60 Days - Account Deleted
  • Exceptions to this must be made in writing (email) from a supervisor or AC member to the Director of Technology for approval.

Laptop/Tablet Guidelines for Appropriate Use

  • The purpose of the laptop/tablet program is to enhance and enrich teaching, learning, communication, and collaboration at MB. The laptop computer is intended to serve as your primary computer workstation.  
  • It is not intended as a replacement for any computers you may own personally. Use of the laptop/tablet for personal purposes should be within the standards of good judgment and common sense, in compliance with MBS’s published policies on acceptable use, and as required through the terms and conditions of applicable software license agreements.
  • The laptop/tablet is provided for your use, but it remains the property of Moses Brown School. Each unit is labeled with a unique property ID. The property ID allows the Technology Department to manage unit assignments, coordinate repairs, and maintain systems. Please do not remove the property ID tag from your laptop/tablet. The Tech Department has installed tracking software on the laptop/tablet. This software is intended to assist in license compliance, assist in maintenance, and to locate the laptop/tablet in case of theft. Do not uninstall this software under any circumstances. This tracking software does not read your private information on the laptop/tablet.
  • MB will secure, via warranty extension or other means, the services needed to repair the laptop/tablet should its operation be impaired by a component failure or normal wear and tear. Also, MB will maintain adequate resources to repair or replace the system if it is lost, stolen or damaged. The coverage cost for these items will be borne by MB. However, it is your responsibility to take appropriate precautions to prevent damage to or loss/theft of your laptop/tablet. You may be responsible for certain costs to repair or replace the computer if the damage or loss is due to negligence or intentional misconduct. Policies for appropriate use of school property as identified in the faculty/staff handbooks or elsewhere may be used to determine whether liability due to negligent behavior exists.
  • If your laptop/tablet is lost or stolen you must report the disappearance to the local Police & MB Tech Department immediately. Theft or loss that occurs on campus should be reported to Security & the Tech Department. For theft or loss off campus, you should report the disappearance to the local police. The police report should include the serial number & ID number for the lost computer. You will need to provide the Tech Department with a copy of the police report within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss.
  • You should feel free to use your laptop/tablet to connect to the Internet from locations other than campus, such as through an Internet service provider (ISP) at your home. Your laptop will be configured with Ethernet and/or wireless adapters, common ways to connect to the Internet through an ISP. However, Tech. will neither provide Internet access to you from off campus nor configure your laptop/tablet to work with your ISP. Although Tech Dept may offer some tips or advice about best practices for off-campus use, it will be up to you and your ISP to make remote connections work.


  • Should you have problems with your laptop/tablet, you will need to put a request in SchoolDude for hardware repair, software installation or problem diagnosis. 
  • The Tech Department staff will not visit your home or go to off-campus locations to provide services. 
  • A limited number of emergency loaner laptop/tablet will be available. 
  • The laptop/tablet will be configured with a standard suite of programs that are appropriate for the type of computer you received based upon the campus and departmental software standards.  
  • You should not load games or entertainment software on a school-owned laptop/tablet if they violate tenants of community standards or interferes with the proscribed operation of the device.
  • Laptop/tablets purchased by Moses Brown are maintained on a three-four year replacement cycle. 
    • Beyond the possible addition of random access memory (RAM) or hard drive you should not expect hardware upgrades to be available for your laptop during that period. 
    • Similarly, although IT will probably offer operating system and application software upgrades during that period, you may not be able to benefit from these upgrades due to hardware limitations as your laptop/tablet ages. If your laptop is scheduled to receive an upgrade, you will need to bring the computer to campus for the upgrade to be applied.
  • You are responsible for maintaining an appropriate backup of your laptop, especially of the work-related documents and data files you create that cannot be retrieved by reinstalling the operating system or programs. 

Issued Equipment 

  • In addition to the laptop/tablet, you will be provided with a standard laptop/tablet carrying case, extra power supply, and lock. The lock should be used to secure the laptop while on campus to prevent theft. The Tech Dept can work with you on proper installation. The extra power supply will only be replaced in case of malfunction. In case of loss, you will be responsible for replacing the case, or extra power supply.


  •  You will be expected to attend periodic training sessions. 

Leave Technology Policy

  • Moses Brown School recognizes that there is a potential need for faculty & staff who are on an extended period of leave, but remain actively employed by the school, may require access to technology to stay connected to the community. However, technology is a limited resource and the priority in assignment is to those who serve the students and school on a daily basis.
  • Employees on leave may be required to turn in their equipment for their respective replacement's use.

School Issued Mobile Phone/Tablet Policy

Who is eligible?

The School may provide mobile electronic devices to employees in cases where:

  • The job requires considerable time outside the office (travel, meetings, conferences, etc.)

  • The job requires that the employee be available outside of normal working hours to respond to emergencies, is responsible for restoring services, or is vital to decision-making for the School.

  • The job requires the employee to be immediately accessible to receive and/or make frequent business calls/email outside of working hours.

Who approves requests?

Requests must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and CFO or HOS/AHOS.

How does the program work?

  • The Department/Division purchases a mobile device from an approved list, based on the needs of the employee. The list of approved devices is maintained by the Technology Department.

  • The School provides a monthly unlimited text message and a pooled calling program, plus an appropriate data plan.

  • Employees are responsible for paying any non-school related charges above the plan’s monthly limits.

  • Employees must return the device to the School whenever:

    • their job changes and their position is no longer eligible for the device

    • they leave the School.

  • Employees may be charged a replacement fee if the phone is returned with damage above and beyond expected normal wear and tear.
  • When a device is upgraded, the old device remains the property of the School and must be turned in to the Technology Department.

  • The purchase, upgrades, and accessories costs are borne by the individual departments.

  • The School (department) may replace or repair the device if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Employees who demonstrate a pattern of irresponsible use of the device can be dropped from the program or be responsible for the cost of replacing the device.

  • There is no assumption of absolute privacy of information on the device. The phone may be impounded upon determination of need/cause by a supervisor, Technology Director, or Administrative Counsel.
  • The devices are intended only for School-related business and personal use should be limited.

Software Adoption Policy

  • Moses Brown’s Technology Department should be involved prior to the acquisition decision of any software or service that will run on or connect to the MBS network. Purchase of software or services that are not approved may not be supported by the Technology Department, and potentially may be refused by the Technology Department. 
  • Any software or service that requires additional hardware, servers, firewall rules, etc require the involvement of the Technology Department, as there are real-world budgetary, network, security, and resource impacts that must be considered. 
  • Vendors who wish to place servers/workstation or install services on the network must complete the Vendor Network Access questionnaire and gain approval of the Technology Department a minimum of four weeks ahead of the planned deployment. 
  • This policy also applies to any service, website, or software that does not connect directly to the MBS network, but uses MBS proprietary data (SIS, Email, AD, etc). 
Tech Support of non-MBS equipment

  • Moses Brown’s Technology Department will provide a limited tech support service for non-MB equipment. Tech support is provided based upon the availability and schedule of the Technology Department members. No guarantee of service is provided. 
  • We will: 
    • Provide basic troubleshooting and diagnostic support
    • Provide guidance on next-steps for issues that go beyond our ability to support
    • Assist in connecting the equipment to the MBS network and related services (email, Google Apps, printers, etc.) 
    • Assist in installing, configuring & troubleshooting MB-provided software 
  •  We will not:
    • Open a piece of equipment for any reason, including debugging noises, changing components, etc. 
    • Reinstall an operating system 
    • Violate copyright and/or take any action that would potentially void a warranty 
    • Assist in installing, configuring & troubleshooting non-MB-provided software 
Sale of old equipment

  • From time to time, MBS will make available, at a significant discount, technology equipment no longer in use at the school to current employees. This equipment is available for purchase by employees for personal use, and is not intended to be used again in a business function. The equipment is sold as-is with no warranty implied or expressed. Non-functional items may be returned within 2 business days of purchase. The MB Technology Department will not provide support for the purchased equipment, as these are no longer the property of Moses Brown School. 
Family & Student Computer Assistance Policy

  • Moses Brown School will provide a computer (desktop/laptop) to students that qualify for a certain amount of Financial Aid as determined by the Director of Admissions/Financial Aid.
  • The exact unit & model/mfg. to be determined by MB Tech Dept. of available units.
  • The computer becomes the property of the student/family without any warranty, expressed or implied. The student/family are responsible for any maintenance/repairs required. 
  • The student will be provided with a list computer repair options if necessary.
  • The computer will be issued with a base operating install. No MB licensed software will be installed except that permitted by license agreements for home use.
  • MB Tech Dept. will provide technical support consistent with that provided to other student owned machines.
  • Moses Brown School will issue up to two computer/student on an academic year basis.
    • If the student continues to qualify for the program another computer can be issued in subsequent years
  • All requests for computers must be made to the Director of Admissions/Financial Aid decisions/determination