Moses Brown School


Empowered Use Policy for MS & US Students


Moses Brown School (MBS) provides access to a variety of hardware and software assets, as well as to the school’s campus network and the Internet. The Internet is largely ungoverned, and MBS requires each individual to rely upon his/her own strongest virtues of integrity and responsible decision-making when using these vast resources. The school believes that the opportunities for worldwide interaction and access to instructional materials far outweigh the risks inherent in locating controversial and/or offensive materials that may not be consistent with the expectations of the school. Overall, the goal of the use of the campus network and technology is to support the educational mission and values of the MBS community.


I understand that using digital devices (whether personal or school owned) and the MBS network is a privilege, and when I use them according to the Empowered Use Guidelines I will keep that privilege:




I will:

  • Use digital devices, networks, and software in school for educational purposes and activities.

  • Explore, tinker, and be creative with technology.

  • Be aware of my activities and the effect they have on others.

  • Keep my personal information and that of others private.

  • Show respect for myself and others when using technology, especially social media.

  • Request permission and give acknowledgement to the use of ideas, words, images and other resources created by others.

  • Maintain a safe environment for myself and others by reporting inappropriate use of technology or harassing messages.

  • Respect my teachers by following their classroom rules set out for digital devices.

  • Ask questions if I don’t understand the proper use or function of technology

    • Follow guidelines set forth by the MS iPad program (MS)

    • Follow guidelines set forth by the US BYOD program (US)

    • Follow other rules as set forth in the student handbooks




I will not:

  • Cause willful destruction of the school’s or others; hardware, software, or data.

  • Alter device set-ups in such a way that makes them unusable.

  • Install, copy, or download software to any MBS device without the permission of the Technology Department.

  • Store viruses, illegal files, pornography, programs, etc. in school provided digital storage space(s) or on MBS digital devices.

  • Bypass or assist others in efforts to bypass network restrictions including the sharing of proprietary information, accounts, or passwords or by using proxy, VPN or other remote access software.

  • Post text, photos, videos of others involved in school activities on the web without their permission.




I understand that I am expected to follow or will ask questions about good "netiquette" or Digital Citizenship practices when using digital devices:


Examples include:

  • Do not share passwords or personal information about yourself or anyone else.

  • Do not share or send profane, offensive or pornographic messages.

  • Do not harass, bully, disrespect or intimidate others.

  • Do not download or copy digital media, except for authorized school projects.




Technology Administrators:

  • Reserve the right to determine which Intranet and Internet functions are appropriate and set use limits.

  • May restrict or suspend an individual's access to campus technology and/or may recommend that the school take disciplinary action.



Digital Media Notes:

  • It is not the intention of the system administrators to inspect or disclose the contents of email or computer files stored or sent by one user to another. However, email is not private. As with written communication, users should recognize there is no absolute expectation of privacy for email.

  • Users may expect to keep personal email correspondence and digital media reasonably confidential. Users should be sensitive to the inherent limitations of shared network resources in protecting privacy.

  • The user is responsible for maintaining the security of his or her own data and for making backups of such data. Please note that the school cannot be responsible for lost or damaged files. We urge individuals to backup all personal files

  • Upon leaving Moses Brown School, either after graduation, withdrawal, etc. your Moses Brown email, network account and files will be removed. Please ensure you have copied any work you want to save, and changed registered email addresses on file (e.g. the email address you use for college applications) to a non-MB email address prior to leaving the school.